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Eligibility condition

Any person who is a member or related to a Normand family or who is interested in that family, may become a member of the Association, with the payment of an annual fee of $35 for a couple or two members of the same family residing at the same address, $65 for two years,   $90 for three years and $10 for a student.


Payment Method

New : Now you have two options to pay your subscription or renewal.

1.- Direct deposit (using Interac) to the Association’s account.

Here is how to proceed:

      • Open a session on your App or your WEB bank account and select : « Interac Transfer »
      • Register as recipient « »
      • In the « remarks » or « message » section, enter the relevant information related to the amount transferred. : 
          • member number if known Membership fees, donations, purchase of promotionnal items, etc.
      • Security question : Write down « Year of foundation of ANA »
      • Agreed answer : « 1994 »
      • In a separate email sent to (same recipient), please enter your precise contact information so that the Treasurer can accurately identify from whom this transfer originated. Once the wire transfer has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email from your financial institution.     
2.- Method of payment by mail
      • Send your payment to:
Association des Normand d’Amérique
1033, rue de la Colombière, Lévis, QC,  G6Z 2J4



Cost by different currencies
One year: $35 CDN, 30 Euros, $30 US
 Two years: $65 CDN, 50 Euros, $60 US
 Three years: $90 CDN, 65 Euros, $75 US
Annual contribution for a child or student :
$10 CDN, 10 Euros, $10 US
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