History of the Association des Normand d’Amérique

The interest in genealogy, the history of our ancestors and the history of our families motivated those who gave birth to the Normands first association. The research is focused initially on the son of Gervais Le Normand, Jean.

          Following the meeting of the eight founding Normands on May 14, 1994, the group was incorporated on August 9 of the same year under the name of Association des descendants de Jean Le Normand inc.

          On October 22, 1994, the general assembly officially confirmed the founding of the association. The original 40 members recruited Normands in all regions of Québec, Ontario and the United States.

          Under the aegis of Francis Normand, founding president, and thanks to the commitment of Germaine Normand, the Association rejoined its members through the newsletter Le Normand … In 1999, Germaine’s research enables her to publish a book entitled “ Fonder Foyer en Nouvelle-France. Les Normand du Perche ” retracing the first century of history of the main Normands ancestors.

          The coat of arms proudly displays our French Roots and our Québec traditions. The motto “ Build with guts ” motivates our association and gives meaning to our meetings and exchanges.

          The Association now has in its ranks members from other families stemming from Gervais Le Normand. They are the Normands dit Poupeville, the Normands dit Jolicoeur, the Tétard’s dit Normand, the descendants of Pierre Normand dit Labrière and the descendants of Ludovic Normand.

          In order to be more representative of all persons with the Normand surname or associated with, the name of the association was changed in October 2000 to that of the Association of the Normands of America.